Lilian Grayson


Lilian Grayson Theory

  • Lilian Grayson was either pregnant or on birth control pills because of the presence of heightened levels of estradiol and progestin in her blood. 
  • Due to the presence of seminal fluid in her vagina she had sexual relations of some kind, whether wanted or forced, within a short time before her death.
  • The autopsy took 11 hours with three attending doctors. A normal autopsy takes 2-4 hours with only one attending doctor.

Scenario One:

  • Lilian was raped, probably repeatedly, and didn't remember it because of having anterograde amnesia (the loss of the ability to create new memories after the event that caused the amnesia, leading to a partial or complete inability to recall the recent past, while long-term memories from before the event remain intact).
  • This rape resulted in a pregnancy
  • After finding out about the pregnancy the rapist attacked her mortally wounded her
  • Doctors tried saving her life and delivered a viable baby either peri- or post-mortem
  • This explains why there were three attending doctors at her "autopsy" instead of one and why the "autopsy" took 11 hours
  • Possible father is Dr. Richter or Robert Zykewski (custodian theory), but could be any staff member or patient
  • After delivering this child peri- or post-mortem the three attending doctors did an autopsy and changed the contents of her blood to cover up the fact that a patient became pregnant under their care
  • This leads to the Madson theory for said child

Scenario Two:

  • Lilian was raped and the pregnancy may have been hidden or just ignored
  • Whether the pregnancy was known by staff or not, she went in to labour and had three attending doctors present
  • She died during the delivery which was not uncommon at this time
  • To cover up the fact that a patient got pregnant while under their care, they changed the names of her pregnancy hormones from progesterone to the synthetic progestin and estrogen to the synthetic estradiol.
  • They then stabbed her in the stomach 13 times and made stab wounds to other areas of the body to mimic defense wounds
  • As it was common at this time to name a child after an attending doctor, one of the attending's name was George Smith
  • This child would be 50 years old this year (2017)
  • George Madson could be said child (see the George Madson theories file for more information)