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What To Do First

What To Do When You Get Your Box Every Month!

Welcome new members! There are two things you will need to do at the beginning of EACH box.

1. Check your inventory with your inventory bookmark. There is a website and a password for each one and the password changes and can be a little tricky. It is case sensitive and if it looks like a number and doesn't work, try it as a letter instead or visa versa. 

2. Get your inspectors notes on the inspectors notes database. Use the label on your manila or white envelope with the inspectors initials and package ID to use as your login credentials. This is also case sensitive and tricky. Make sure to read ALL directions before proceeding or you won't know how to enter it. The inspectors notes give you little clues about the items in your box and can really point you in the direction you need to go with them.

*Note - There are NO inspectors notes for episode eight of Awakening, for all of season Transformation, episode six of Initiation, or seasons Vindication and Class of '98.

Use you label on your LFoA envelope with the inspectors initials and package ID as your password. For example, if your inspectors initials were AB and your package ID was 123456789 then your password would be AB123456789.

Both of these need to be done at the beginning of EVERY (with the exception of those listed above) box. Once you've done these two things, DIVE IN!!! Start reading over all materials and look for anything odd or out of the ordinary. Look for cyphers and work them. If you are given a website, please visit it thoroughly. If you are told to do something in a letter, make sure you complete the assignment. Most of all have fund and Happy Hunting!!

If you need help with cyphers I have put together a cypher tutorial that you can access here. If you need any help from Lisa at Hunt A Killer With The BAU please contact her here.