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Avoid Spoilers In Google

How To Avoid Spoiler When Searching In Google!

It is not fool proof but there are ways to cut down on seeing spoilers if you do it correctly.

Using a minus - sign with eliminator words works the best. Like:

-hunt - killer -HaK -LFoA etc. 

Now there can be no space between the munis sign and the word you are wanting to eliminate for this method to work. And you must put a minus sign in front of every word and you can't use phrases such as:

 -hunt a killer 

This only eliminates the word hunt.
If you want to eliminate the phrase hunt a killer you must use quotations -"eliminator" with no space between the minus sign and the quotations. This method will eliminate anything in the quotes in the exact order you put it in. So if you type: 

thaumatrope -"hunt a killer"

It will eliminate anything in the article with hunt a killer in the name but will still show things with a killer hunt or other variations. It only eliminates that exact phrase.

To eliminate the phrase in any variation you would use an asterisk * as follows:

thaumatrope -"*hunt a killer"

With the asterisk inside the quotations before the eliminator phrase, it will then eliminate that phrase no matter the order of the words. So the most effective search would be:

thaumatrope -"*hunt a killer" -"*listening friends of america" -HaK -LFoA -spoilers

This will eliminate the most things from spoilers in the most places. It is harder work but a larger pay off in the end.