Episode Eight
Pen Pal Letter

The letter from JWJ is soaked in blood and may not be legible to all due to the sticky "blood" that causes the paper to tear when opening. He speaks of valuing friendship but tells us how many of his friendships have betrayed him. He actually lists them all in this letter: George Madson, Lloyd McGowan, Heather Williams, Valerie Madson, and his father. He goes on to explain that all of these people have betrayed him in some form or another and that he did them a favour by putting them our of their misery. He begs us to not lose faith and remain steadfast in our friendship to him, remain true. He entrusts in us that he is leaving the facility and will not longer be there. But assures us that this will not be the end of our contact. He knows where we live and will be in contact again soon. He then explains that he is going to plant his dragon's teeth and grow new friends, found his Thebes, and devour the Cadmus of the world because he is the dragon swan.