Episode Five
Pen Pal Letter

This letter from JWJ has an opening that has a poem feel. "You are my light, my star in the Night." He seems very appreciative of our relationship and the fact that he can write us letters, even if it is one sided conversations. He tells us of his last correspondence with a pen pal but tells us that he admired her "all the way to the end of our arrangement". Kind of an odd way to phrase it.

He tells us he is allowed access to some personal items and is sending us one as a gift.

He asks if we have read the news lately and sends us a news article.

JWJ relays to us a eery story of his childhood involving his father eating ribs. Tearing the tendons and sinew from the bone with his teeth. His father is angry with him for wanting to fulfill a duty bestowed on him by a neighbour. But after his father's repeated words, "You can act up the case, let hers dry," he decides to renege on his duty.