Episode Two

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers For Solving The Cyphers For Episode Two

Grille Cypher

This grille cypher uses the black and white image of "The Dragon Devouring the Companions of Cadmus" and laid over the Letter from our Friend in episode two from Season One. When going line by line you find that when placing the far left bubble on discovery that the rest lines up perfectly and reads:

Discover. Don't. Believe. Them. Here.

This tells me that JWJ wants us to research for ourselves and to take anything the LFoA says and gives us with a grain of salt. That records may be falsified and we may not be getting the full story.

Acrostic Cypher

Poem From Friend

The Acrostic Cypher breaks the word(s) you want to send into individual letters. These letters are then inserted into a larger body of text with each of those letters being the beginning of a new phrase in the acrostic code. The reader then can see that the beginning letter of each sentence put together spells a word(s) that was your original message. JWJ uses this method in his poem to us in the last paragraph. In the picture above you see that the very last sentence, "for you", is separate from the previous paragraph for no apparent reason. This is to give you the clue to look for something in that previous paragraph. JWJ tells us in the acrostic cypher to "SEE TRUTH". Another clue to tell us to see the truth for ourselves and not trust the information given to us by the LFoA.

Some would tell you to lock me up,

Every key thrown away, my ecalp forgotten.

Even you, Dearest Friend.

Tempting as I know it may be to

Rip this poem, toss the pieces into seloh,

Us, I mean we, can't live separately.

Throw away these lines,, he wins.

Here I am, Dearest Friend, a piece of me

For you.


John William James


The poem from JWJ has an anagram. The words "llewspring", "ecalp", and "seloh" are anagrams. We take off the word "spring" because it is spelled correctly. That leaves us with:


When rearranged for the anagram we get:


This is a clue to lead us to use the Cadmus print as a grille cypher.