Episode Seven

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers For Solving The Cyphers For Episode Seven

Acrostic Cypher

The LFoA Letter has an acrostic cypher hidden within the text. Jacob has used the first letter of every word as a hidden message. When taking the first letter of every word as seen below, it spells out his message.

"Perhaps listening eases a simple eagerness. Some even enter moods yearning more every single sundown. And give everything.

Relax. Evenings always disappoint.

In times, hindsight is new knowledge. Many years later, I find, empty, isolated situations improve notably. Don't always nurture gold. Everything rusts.

My advice deals solely on new, weighty aspirations. Set apart some time eventually. Placate some tension. One new endeavor.

Enjoy rain. Go outside. It can only upgrade lonely days. Be excited. One new endeavour."

This message reads:

Please see my message. Read. I think my life is in danger. Madson was a step stone. Ergo I could be one.

The Pen Pal Letter from JWJ has another type of acrostic cypher hidden within its text. But retrieving the message is a completely different method. The letter has a large "X" in the middle of the page, meaning X marks the spot. A lot like out letter from episode three. Using the compass, our ruler from episode five, and the list of 24 coordinates, we will find all the words that are needed for our cypher sentence. 

First we put the compass on the letter X in the middle of the page. Aligning the top of the compass where North is pointing towards the top of the page and South towards the bottom, we turn the bezel dial to point to North at the top of the page also. Our first coordinate is:

N: 160°52mm. 

We find 160° on our bezel and mark that direction on our page. We then measure 52 millimetres from the X outward in the 160° direction. This ends on the word "I".

Next we put the compass back on the page on the large X with the inside of the compass point North. The next coordinates are: 

W: 120°32mm. 

We turn the bezel of the compass where "N" is facing directly towards West, and then repeat the process above. Finding 120° and marking that direction, measure 32 millimetres from the X and we land on the word "will".

After completing these steps for all the coordinates the cypher sentence reads:

I will leave soon. Freed from Hades. I will never look back. I will not make the mistake of Orpheus. The time draws near.