Episode Five

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers For Solving The Cyphers For Episode Five

Acrostic Cypher

When circling all capitalised letters on LFoA letter, since there aren't that many, and then connecting all those dots, it forms the constellation Draco, which is the Dragon. The words at the bottom of the page (underneath, relic, teachings, new, obsidian, scarlet, crowns, adorn, every, wizened, yearning) are the order in which we draw our line. Taking the first letter of each word (URTNOSCAEWY) and draw our line in order thru those capitalised letters it will form the Draco constellation. Taking all of the first initials of each word and applying it makes this a type of acrostic cypher.

The JWJ letter has the line "You can act up the case, let hers dry. Repeated over and over..." When repeating the words only of "You can act up the case let hers dry" quickly and possibly repeatedly, like JWJ suggests, you can hear that it sounds like:

You Connect Uppercase Letters Try

This is a clue to connect the upper case letters in the LFoA letter to find the Draco constellation below.