Episode Eight

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers For Solving The Cyphers For Episode Eight

ROT-N Progressive Shift Cypher

This Hunt A Killer cypher wheel is set up specifically for this particular cypher. After cutting out the cypher wheel and either using a gold brad or the HaK lapel pin to hold it together, we are ready do decrypt. 

The key for this cypher is the words "CYGNUSDRACONIS". For the first shift we will make our inner wheel of A equal the outer wheel of C for the first letter in our key above. We then are solving the cypher sentence of "EFEDZGGEPSBLMI". So we now need so solve for the letter E. Looking on the inner wheel for E and seeing what it equals on the outer wheel which is W.

Next we move to the next letter in our key. We make the inner wheel A equal the outer wheel Y from the second letter in our key. We then solve for the second letter in our cypher sentence which is F. This solves to E.

We continue this method until the sentence reads:


This is also the password for the LFoA Pen to access the password protected video file. 

*Note - To access the video file you must use Winzip to open and Media Player to play the video. If you are still not able to access please feel free to contact me  or watch the video below: