Episode One

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers For Solving The Cyphers For Episode One

Substitution Cypher

The Pen Pal Letter contains a special substitution cypher that uses the pocket watch as a tool. Jasper gives us a major clue on how to solve this cypher in the sentence before his cypher starts: "That is why, without    or    , I can tell you, between noon and halfway-round..." There are two blank spots here in this sentence. There are also two other things missing from this letter, the letters J and Z. So completing this sentence: "That is why, without J or Z, I can tell you, between noon and half-way around..."  Then there are a list of times in the letter. When using these times to represent letters we receive a message. Starting with 12:00 equaling the letter A and every 15 minute intervals is a letter. This makes 12:15 equal the letter B, 12:30 equals the letter C, 12:45 equals the letter D, 1:00 equals the letter E, etc. Because Jasper's typewriter is missing the "J" and "Z" key, and because his instructions tell us "without J and Z",  we will exclude those from the times. Your time should be set up like the following grid:

After going thru and decrypting the entire time sequence the cypher reads:

I took Manny apart like Humpty Dumpty but next time I will find a way to best the kings men

Shift Cypher

The Letter from Sylvia contains a shift cypher in the border of the frame. There are tiny little numbers and letters listed all through the border. Her letter has a post script at the bottom that gives us the key on the shift. "For gold rings, I start with Aquamarine first and move forward from there. For silver rings, I start with the zirconia first and move back." All listings that start with a "G" shift forward in the alphabet because gold rings move forward from A (aquamarine). All listings in the border that begin with "S" shift backwards in the alphabet because silver rings move back from Z (zirconia). So starting with G8 we decode and shift the alphabet forward 8 spaces making the first letter equal "H". Rotating clockwise around the paper we next come to S26 which would be a backwards shift of 26 making S26=A. We continue this pattern in a clockwise pattern until we decrypt all the sets of letter and numbers in the border and the message reads:

Hang in there just a little longer

To set your cypher key up:

For the G's:

A1 = A    A2 = B    A3 = C   A4 = D    A5 = E    A6 = F etc

For the S's:

S1 = Z    S2 = Y   S3 = X    S3 = W    S4 = V    S5 = U etc

Start your message at the top middle of the border at G8 and your message will decode as: 

H = G8     A = S26     N = G14     G = S20     I = G9     N = S13     T = S7     H = S19     E = G5               

R = S9     E = S22     J = G10     U = S6     S = S8     T = G20     A = G1     L = S15     I = G9     T = S7

T = G20     L = G12     E = S22     L = S15     O = G16     N = S13     G = G7     E = G5     R = S9


The thaumatope spells out the word "Teeth" and when we visit the archives section of the LFoA website we find the backdoor portal that gives us a list of words. Some of these are password protected and some are not. When clicking on the word Teeth it is password protected. Using the word "Vault" we unlock this file and find an encrypted file. There are words that we can pull apart and make note of for future use.