Autopsy Report

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

The autopsy report lists time of death to be consistent with previous reports with a time of 9:30-10:00pm (timeline) on the night of the reunion. Cause of death is also consistent with manual strangulation which resulted in asphyxia and a broken hyoid bone and broken laryngeal skeleton. There was also a large single round contusion on the abdomen of the victim. Based on the autopsy it is possible that the perpetrator killed Charlie Mac from in front of him, putting their knee in Charlie Mac's abdomen, which would account for the circular contusion on his abdomen. He has thumb print contusions on either side of his neck and curvilinear abrasions on his right clavicle area. If the perp was sitting on him in front of him with a knee in his abdomen, using both hands to strangle him, this would leave thumb print contusions on either side of his neck. If the perp was left handed they would wear a watch on the right arm and this could account for the abrasions on his clavicle area.