Alphabet Card

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

Alphabet Card

Card comes from book "Infant's Cabinet of Birds and Beasts" circa. 1820

  • But period comes after the "Z" in the book
  • The JWJ letter from episode three contains a binary cypher of 1's and 0's replacing the I's and L's

The binary system that JWJ is using in the letter consists of 1's and 0's and is in the first five paragraphs. The last sentence of the last paragraph in the binary sequence ends with the word "flux" and ends with a period of course. And the next to last sentence in the last paragraph of the letter ends with "box". The clue tells us "is this the beginning?". The "X." is marking the beginning of our clue. The next words after the x. are "mooded" and "scungy". These are anagrams for "Doomed Cygnus", referring once again to the sky chart from episode one.