About the BAU
Hunt A Killer With The BAU

We are a Facebook group for Hunt A Killer enthusiasts! Membership is limited to those receiving their Episode 2 of Initiation of Hunt a Killer in May 2018 at this time. Please read our rules section below and head on over if you want to join!

This group is for active members of Hunt A Killer that are enthusiastic hunters wanting to actively participate and contribute to this group! We all have strong points and can equally contribute and conquer this and any other problems we face. We will become close and eventually like a family. Come, join, and Hunt a Killer!

Admin: Lisa D Smoot


For more info on Hunt A Killer please visit:

For Hunt A Killer Customer Service:

Call: 866-654-HUNT (4868)

 Text: 410-983-3311

Or email: sam@huntakiller.com 

For Hunt A Killer Members Area:

To sign up for Hunt A Killer please go to the link below!

Admin: Lisa D Smoot

Need additional help with cyphers? Visit Lisa's cypher tutorial page for more information on many cyphers!


1. Please don't post future box spoilers in group discussions without a disclaimer that it is a spoiler!

2. If you are posting about something from a future box please put a disclaimer of SPOILER ALERT FROM BOX X in your post and then type your comment in the comments section so we can make the informed decision of whether to read said comment.

3. We should all mostly be on the same box but there may be a few stragglers so please be courteous and conscious of this when posting.

4. Be respectful of each other at ALL times.

5. We are all adults so just be kind and rewind!!

6. There is a Photo album that Lisa Smoot, the Admin, will be posting photos of all contents of each box we receive. If you should have a missing item you can go here to print and view any of these items.

7. There is also a photo album for each box labeled "Notes" that will include photos outside of the Box Contents for you to include as part of your investigational tools.

8. ** Only admin will post to albums and files at this time to keep things neat and organized. I will take all pictures and forms from the posts and add them as they are posted. If you have something you want posted here please send these items in a private message to Lisa Smoot and I will post them to the photo albums or files folders for you. Thank you.**

9. If you are looking for any old post, thread, document, file, event or photo you can use the search option on the group page and enter a keyword. It will pull any matches with that keyword.

What is Hunt A Killer?

It's an immersive story told thru the investigation of physical items and correspondence curated by a "Serial Killer" - delivered to your doorstep each month.

How much is membership?

Memberships start at $25 per month.

Is there a forum?

Yes! Please visit:

When do episodes ship?

If you ordered your first episode prior to January 26th, 2018 you will be billed on the 1st day of every month and your episode will ship on the 11th day of every month. 

If you ordered your first episode after January 26, 2018 you will be billed on the anniversary of your sign up date and your episode will be shipped out 3-5 business days later.


Lisa Smoot