High School Yearbook

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

This yearbook is a glimpse into the past lives of the people involved in our case. Our victim, Charles "Charlie Mac" MacDonagh, was involved in theatre and played the role of Danny in Grease

Gavin Nash was a jock and captain of the basketball team. 

Robyn Dupre was also athletic and was on the track team. We also learn that Robyn and the victim, Charles, were romantically involved in high school. In the upper corner of the page there is a RD + CM 4 ever written standing for Robyn Dupre and Charlie Mack 4 ever.

Arthur Hughes was in theatre with Charles, the victim. He was apparently injured during the Grease play.

There is no female Susan Li in the yearbook but there is a male Sean Li. According to his entry on the signature page he was apparently quiet and reserved.

It is confirmed from the signature page that Aura McBride is, in fact, the victim's cousin and they were a little bit rebellious together, involved in protests and riots.

Antonio Villar didn't have a lot to say but did have an acronym in his message, R.H.T.S., that simply means "raise hell this summer". 

We don't know the maiden name for Charlie's wife, Sarah, but there is one Sarah in the yearbook, Sarah Farley. It is highly unlikely that they are the same person because Charlie met his wife in college and if they had gone to high school together, in a town as small as Chestnut Falls, they would have at least known of each other.

Nicholas Matsoukas' apparent signature is only his initials but leaves a message that displays their intelligence in chemistry class.

Their is no signature or information on Neeta Patel, which is strange considering she became a journalist and wasn't involved with the yearbook committee, which is the normal path for a writer in high school.