Witness Statements

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

The estimated time of death was 9:35-9:40pm.

The first witness statement is from Aura McBride. She says that this was the first time that her and the victim have seen each other in a couple years and they agreed to meet up at Dimitri's restaurant at approximately 10:00pm after the reunion but they still talked quite a bit during the reunion. As shown on the timeline, she didn't leave the high school until 9:45pm because she helped Artie (Arthur Hughes) clean up the cafeteria after the reunion. She noticed at this time that she missed a call from Susan Li (presumably Sean Li) and she tried to call her back but Susan didn't answer. She was concerned because she didn't feel Susan would call for no reason so she decided to drive out to Susan's vet clinic. This is when she found the victim. She saw Charlie's car at "the grove" parking area and and pulled in to check on him. His driver's door was unlocked. The engine was not running but the keys were in the ignition. Charlie was leaning back against the driver's seat slumped in the driver's seat with his neck in an odd angle and bruising/abrasions around the neck. She checked his pulse but there was none. Aura called 911 at 10:17pm. 

The second witness statement is from Arthur Hughes. He says he was at the high school until 9:45pm cleaning up with Aura McBride. He planned the reunion and was pleased with its success. He tells us that Aura was there, although he wasn't necessarily with her because he was cleaning another area. He made it to Dimitri's restaurant at 10:00pm and was the second to get there, only beat by Antonio Villar. 

The next statement is from Susan Li, possibly Sean Li from the yearbook. She says she got to the reunion at 6:00pm but only talked to the victim briefly then later spoke to his cousin, Aura McBride about a law suit she is involved in. Apparently, the conversation didn't go the way she expected so she left the reunion to return to her office at the vet clinic to look over some documents her lawyer had sent her. She called her lawyer at 9:10pm and spoke for approximately a half hour and then called Aura at 9;45pm but Aura didn't answer. She says she was out of the mood at this point to go to the restaurant to meet up with friends but she doesn't say where she went to from there.

The next statement is from Gavin Nash, who is quite the jock and not exactly endearing. He can't give an exact time for when he arrived at the reunion and doesn't try to, and admits he wasn't interested in what Charlie was "blabbing" about so he went to speak to other people. He seems very conceited and full of himself from this testament. He says he left the reunion and returned to his hotel for a shower and was going to take a nap but doesn't really doesn't explain why he didn't. He then went to the hotel but doesn't give an exact time but does say it was right before Nicholas Matsoukas.

The last statement is from Antonio Villar, Charlie's theatre buddy from high school. He says he left his home around 5:45pm and is the only one that gives us information about their home life. He he has a son name Luis who he told he would be home late. He says he left the reunion at 9:00pm, when the reunion was over, and hung out in the parking lot for a bit. He thought he saw Charlie drive out of the parking lot with a person in the car but he says he can't be sure of what he saw. He says he arrived at the restaurant too early and waited for others to show and didn't know anything else.

Based off this information and the information in the crime scene description we can eliminate one suspect. To see which one please visit here