Letter From Private Investigator

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

This letter from Private Investigator Michelle Gray gives us the background and details of the case. Local pharmacist, Charles MacDonagh, was murdered during his high school reunion at Chestnut Falls High School.

There are nine suspects that we will need to eliminate one by one based on the evidence over the course of our investigation: Antonio Villar, record shop owner; Arthur Hughes, high school history teacher; Robyn Dupre, farmer; Nicholas Matsoukas, neuroscientist; and Susan Li, veterinarian. Three are in town just for the reunion: Aura McBride, lawyer and Charlie's cousin; Neeta Patel, freelance journalist; and Gavin Nash, plastic surgeon. Lastly we must consider Sarah MacDonagh, Charlie's wife from whom he met in college, as an additional suspect.

The Private Investigator has given us remote access to his notes and resources to aid us in our investigation. We can find that portal below and the password for the locked sections is contained in the letter.