Gray's Shared Desktop

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

The Private Investigators letter gave us a website and password for a shared desktop for us that will help us in our investigation. There are several things on this website including a folder for Spotify with a playlist of songs, a folder of "To Organise" items, a Plan of Action, Evidence Checklist, Gin Recipes, and a Deviant Tracker. Conveniently he has given us a checklist for what to do during the investigation. 

  • Conduct witness statement
  1. Do not take their accounts at face value
  2. Find supporting evidence
  • Create approximate timeline based off statements
  1. Fill in gaps as evidence comes in
  • Track suspects' movements using timeline, scaled map, etc.
  • Check status of autopsy and toxicology
  • Get all waivers and legal forms signed ASAP
  • Gather proof to support alibis
  1. Search: house, car, place of employment
  2. Question: relatives, friends, employers, bystanders
  3. Access: security cams, email, digital logs, etc
  • Study autopsy, cross reference with photos
  • Study toxicology, cross reference with autopsy
  • Start eliminating suspects
  • Make the arrest

There was also a list of evidence that was found at the scene on the desktop:

Item: Bic Lighter

  • Evidence: Marker: A
  • Location: In car, underneath drivers seat
  • Description: Blue, half full

Item: Class Ring

  • Evidence: Marker: B
  • Location: In car, on passenger side floor
  • Description: 1998 Chestnut Falls High School class ring with initials CM

Item: Mint Tin

  • Evidence: Marker: C
  • Location: In car, on backseat
  • Description: Graphic illustration on front of a woman.

Item: Socks

  • Evidence: Marker: D
  • Location: In trunk
  • Description: Novelty print, blank piece of paper found inside

Item: Necklace

  • Evidence: Marker: E
  • Location: In car, underneath passenger side seat
  • Description: Clasped shut, opal inset.

Item: Gift Bag

  • Evidence: Marker: F
  • Location: In car, underneath passenger side seat
  • Description: Blue tissue paper inside.

Item: Beanie Hat

  • Evidence: Marker: G
  • Location: In car, on backseat
  • Description: Knit hat in fair-isle pattern.

Item: Toy Doll

  • Evidence: Marker: H
  • Location: In car, glove compartment
  • Description: Plastic, found with handwritten note

Item: Plastic Comb

  • Evidence: Marker: I
  • Location: Glove compartment
  • Description: Plastic, fine-toothed comb

Item: Spearmint Gum

  • Evidence: Marker: J
  • Location: Beneath driver's seat
  • Description: Half-full pack of spearmint-flavored chewing gum

Item: Car Freshener

  • Evidence: Marker: K
  • Location: On floor of passenger side
  • Description: Shaped like tree, "New Car" scent.

Item H had a handwritten note found with the toy doll, why was it not sent with the evidence and what was contained on this handwritten note?

Lastly, two disciplinary forms from 1997 and 1998 were uploaded on the desktop for Gavin Nash and the victim from when they were in high school. What significance they have at this time is unclear.