Crime Scene Description

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

The crime scene description is a plethora of information for the timeline of this case. We learn that at 10:17pm a 911 call was made by Aura McBride to police to report a deceased male in a car at the grove on Willow Lane. Officer James Goff was responded and arrived on scene at 10:39pm. Goff then called dispatch to confirm the deceased male at 10:39pm. Goff then requested medical assistance at 10:44pm and McBride left the area until it was cleared by police. Goff called Sheriff Navarro at 10:47pm to inform him of the situation. Sheriff Navarro called private investigator Michelle Gray at 10:52pm to request her assistance with the case. Michelle Gray left the local bar at 10:58pm. Dr. Kara Duncan, the medical examiner, arrived on scene at 11:04pm and pronounced the victim deceased. at 11:12pm. Michelle Gray arrived on scene at 11:16pm. The victim was removed from the scene at 12:25am. Time of death was estimated to be between 9:35-9:40pm that night. 

According to the timeline we can eliminate one suspect from the list, to see who this suspect is please visit here