Physical Evidence
11 Page File

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11 Page File Notes

Individual Page Notes

Psychiatric Intake Original

  • This document states DOB as July 17, 1941

  • McGowan is admitted on July 7, 1967 involuntarily
  • Mother claims McGowan has had periods of violent behavior and suspected neurological disease since birth
  • This document shows father not present during admission

Custodial Incident Report

  • This document dated July 18, 1967 is one day after inpatient initial psychiatric evaluation done on July 17, 1967
  • McGowan has first altercation and is with a male employee

Yard Medical Injury Report

  • This document is dated two months later on September 13, 1967 and is concerning a confrontation McGowan has in the yard when he is heard muttering.

Self Harm Report

  • This document is dated one day later of September 14, 1967 and McGowan apparently tries to self harm
  • Several injuries after being discovered in a nervous fit in his room
  • Injuries to self include:
    • Head
    • Both arms
    • Both hands
    • Nose
    • Chest

  • Contusions to face and forehead
  • Scratch marks on arms
  • Contusions to chest and wrists
  • May have hit wall with head repeatedly

Lilian Autopsy

  • This is the autopsy for Lilian Grayson dated  September 27, 1967
  • Patient Number: 618
  • Lilian's TOD is dated either September 23 or 26, 1967 at 2300 hours
  • She had three attending doctors: G. Smith, J. Miller, W. Lowe
  • Autopsy took 11 hours (0800-1900)
  • COD: Blunt force trauma to the head, likely from wrench or tool
  • Other injuries:
    • 1 stab wound to neck,
    • 2 stab wound to right palm,
    • 13 stab wound to stomach,
    • Effusion of blood from vagina,
    • Inflammation of vulva
    • Presence of seminal fluid
  • Document initialed by "DS"
  • Noted heightened levels of progestin and estradiol in blood contents

Reproduced Psych Eval

  • Labeled "Initial Psychiatric Evaluation"
  • Even though he was admitted on previous file on July 7, 1967
  • Document is labeled as "Reproduced August 1997"
  • Patient Number: 952
  • Father: Patrick McGowan
  • Mother: Aoife McGowan, nee Phelan
  • Complaint:
    • Patient exhibits nervous behavior.
    • He appears confused.
    • He does not speak.
  • Admissions Note:
    • Mother complains of violent outbursts.
    • Father is abusive.
  • Assessment:
    • Danger to self

Curfew Incident Report

  • Incident report dated August 22, 1967
  • Document labeled as "Reproduced August 1997"
  • McGown resisted curfew and it took two orderlies to get patient to room
  • Patient shouted "bed" several time before calling out for his mother
  • Labeled as second incident of a violent nature in a months time
  • Note: patient possibly lashing out at male figures that remind him of his father
  • Patient placed under Grade 2 close supervision

Reproduced Yard Report

  • Incident report dated September 13, 1967
  • Document labeled as "Reproduced August 1997"
  • McGowan muttering to himself in the yard
  • Phrases heard:
    • Pilot
    • Never be good
    • Blew him up
    • Said I can't do that
    • Dad now
    • Blue
    • Special
  • When asked to stop McGowan attacked another male patient with fists and open palms
  • Dr. Richter decides to take more interest in patient
  • Patient placed in room and treatment plan will be decided

Treatment Plan

  • Treatment plan dated September 20, 1967
  • Document labeled as "Reproduced August 1997"
  • This report has McGowan's DOB as July 16, 1941

  • Initiated by Dr. William Richter
  • Patient to begin treatment with Mellaril
  • Placed in full behavioral quarantine in new room, 316
  • Restrain patient and keep door locked
  • Orderly to check hourly until curfew at 2100
  • Follow up in three months

Madson Letter

  • Letter dated September 20, 1997 to George Madson, Vice President of LFoA from Dr. William Richter, Vice Precident of LF O'Brien
  • From LFoA records George Madson didn't start with LFoA until 1998
  • Dr. Richter thanking Madson for accepting McGowan for transfer and wants McGowan away from him
  • Transfer to take place on October 2, 1997

Heather Letter

  • No date listed for document
  • Headed to Heather presumably at LFoA from George Madson
  • Requests reduction of McGowan's medicine
  • Wants to know what he has to say, if anything